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Sometimes it can seem overwhelming when it comes to your own personal healthcare. But there are resources out there to help those in need.
Wyoming Rehab’s Cancer Rehab Program is appropriate for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. Special considerations are made based on diagnosis.
Our volunteers and community members turned out to celebrate the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Auxiliary’s 62nd annual 5-Year-Old Birthday Party!
Ron Richter gives us an update on how he is doing over 4 years after his heart attack.
Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s (SMH) Hospice has been named a 2021 Hospice HONORS Recipient by HEALTHCAREfirst, a leading provider
With hunting season upon us, the Trauma Team at Sheridan Memorial Hospital provides these tips for Gun Safety.
We are asking for your help. A recent surge in COVID-19 cases is having an impact on the resources available to care for our community. Please help us ensure critical services remain open and available.
Many times we’re asked who The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is? Below you’re going to read countless things they accomplish
More than one out of four older adults fall each year. These falls are NOT a normal part of aging and are serious and costly, causing broken bones
We know how important you are in the healing of your loved one. The following guide is intended to
Stacy Windon was a recent patient in Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Below is her experience in her own words.
COVID-19 Testing Frequently Asked Questions - Many have asked... Know the Answers
With school starting, It is extremely important to take proper safety precautions when transporting your children to and from school.
A first-hand account from recent Urgent Care patient, Janet Dale: My recent experience at the Urgent Care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital was a
The CDC is now recommending a third COVID-19 vaccine dose for certain patients with
The fall season is rapidly approaching and for many Wyoming residents, that means hunting season.  Hunting with archery equipment
The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Staff and Board of Directors are pleased to welcome Sue Belish, the newest Foundation Board Director.
Trouble hearing? Learn about our new audiology services and what options might be available to help you.
Holly Zajic (pronounced Zeitz) loves helping people be the best they can be every day. When you first meet her, it’s the exuberance and energy
How does a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries Biology end up landing you a job in the housekeeping department of your local hospital and ultimately
The Foundation’s successful Clinical Educational Endowment was initiated in 2003 with private donations. Annually it provides nursing
Urgent Care physician, Dr. David Nickerson, offers up these keys to preventing heat stroke and heat
Vera Olson was suffering from more than illness when first admitted into the Transitional Care Unit
On Friday, July 2, over 100 golfers and hospital volunteers gathered at The Powder Horn Golf Club to raise awareness and funds for patient
Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s (SMH’s) Transitional Care Unit (TCU) is a hospital-based short-term
The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation board members and staff are excited to announce, thanks to the generosity of our community; we’ve
David Nickerson, MD, urgent care physician at SMH, has completed the necessary training through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
The use of natural testosterone and testosterone supplements has skyrocketed the past few years. Dr. Christopher Prior offers his insights on this
Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Covid-19 testing is now being done at the hospital’s Urgent Care
Having a comfortable, private environment to heal and regain strength and confidence for a safe
Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide intimate, hands-on healthcare to patients. A day in the life of a CNA might include taking patients temperature, blood pressure, and other vital signs,
The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation is matching all gifts in June to finish the Transitional Care Expansion Campaign. All gifts and pledge
Wyomingites ages 12 and up can now receive the COVID-19 vaccine, following a thorough review and decision by the FDA and CDC. More families have the ability to protect their children and return to the activities and people they love.
Dr. Jason Ackerman has been practicing medicine in Sheridan for the past 8 years and has been a mainstay in the Sheridan Memorial Hospital
Thanks to generous gifts from planned giving and The Link annual event participants and sponsors, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital
In our country, someone experiences a stroke every 40 seconds. This debilitating and deadly injury to the brain causes a U.S. death every 3.5
Due to the generous contributions over the past seven months, The Foundation is nearing the finish line of the Transitional Care Expansion Campaign.
Some of life’s biggest moments are spent with a nurse. National Nurses Week provides the perfect opportunities to celebrate the nurses who care for us, our friends and our families.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) has earned an Overall 5-Star rating.
When you think of excellent health care, you think of Sheridan. This not only applies to your Emergency Room visits or the birth of newborns
The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Staff and Board of Directors are pleased to announce
Upon your initial introduction to Dr. Marty Lucas, you may notice that she carries a unique
When Mary Skretteberg severely broke her ankle in September 2019, the prescription of a prolonged hospital stay felt like insult added to
In early January 2020, Dr. Sy Thickman stepped outside for his usual dog walk. Awaiting him was a thin layer of snow covering thick black ice; he
With the COVID-19 vaccines becoming more and more available to everyone, we asked some of our health care providers why they got the vaccine and what their thoughts are for our community.
It may not be the most glamorous subject, but talking about colorectal cancer saves lives. Among cancer affecting both men and women, colorectal
Navigating the healthcare system can be difficult. Even in a small town like Sheridan, there are multiple options for care and it may not always be clear where to start. Sheridan Memorial Hospital
Thanks to an extremely generous community gift supporting Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Transitional Care Expansion Project, a 100% match
By Larry Certain   February 20, 2021, posted here with his permission. I feel fortunate to live in Sheridan County, and I am sure I'm not alone. Many of the nicest people live in our county, and a
We have all been affected by Covid-19, which is why we look for safe and effective ways To protect our families, communities, businesses and mental health by reducing disease burden, keep us from getting Covid-19, and allow us to resume social
Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Rural & Community Hospitals in the country for 2020
Did you know that nearly 1 in 2 Americans have high blood pressure and many people don’t even know they have it? That’s because there are often
If 2020 knocked you off your fitness routine or reminded you of the importance of starting one, read on. A common barrier for individuals wanting
On Friday, January 8, 2021, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Auxiliary voted unanimously to pledge $50,000 to the Transitional Care Expansion at
The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation is excited to announce its Transforming Transitional Care Campaign. A Transitional Care Unit (TCU) is a recuperative and supportive place to heal
Through January 22, Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) has provided COVID-19 vaccinations to approximately 1,000 people in Sheridan County. That includes SMH employees and the priority
To date, Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) has received approximately 970 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. That includes 700 doses in late
The past year has been a remarkable one for all of us to reflect on. Be it personal or professional; we have faced our own set of challenges that could
Each year, Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) employees find ways to give back to the community; 2020 was no different… um, wait, yes
Wyoming Rehab's Licensed Physical Therapist Charlotte Walter describes her approach to creating individualized treatment plans to help each patient achieve their goals.
Connie Bachel, a longtime employee of Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH), contracted COVID-19 in mid-September. Bachel and six of her co-workers
Eagle Wings is a passionate group of young girls who have come together to bring joy, entertainment, and gifts to Sheridan Memorial
In this new year, we want to remind you to take care of yourself. With all of the talk and concern about the COVID-19 virus, it’s a very confusing
We know there is a lot of pressure on people to enjoy themselves during the holidays. The season
- On Friday, December 11, Sheridan Memorial Hospital employees celebrated their contributions to the hospital’s Foundation with their 17th annual partner breakfast.
After local attorney Deb Wendtland saw the moving SMH video asking our community for their help to slow the spread of Covid-19 by wearing a mask, she had an idea to support frontline healthcare staff. Deb went to work with her close friend Julie Gerlach to raise these funds and
SMH’s Own Megan Ripley, RN Shares Her Journey of Wellness & Diabetes
$56,000 Raised Through Hospital Foundation’s Virtual Link - Partners in Pink Event
We are looking for artwork from area 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders – to be featured on the hospital’s 2020 Christmas card. The theme is “Prayers to Healthcare Workers.”
We are excited to welcome Dr. Elise Sylar to the staff at Sheridan Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine. She is now accepting appointments for adults and adolescents 16 and over. Please call 307.675.2650 Option 4 to schedule your appointment today.
Local Journalist, Historian Touts Caring Medical Staff Cardiology care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital is second to none according to local
Celebrating Physical Therapist at Sheridan Memorial Hospital's Wyoming Rehab
“The one thing I wanted most after the horse riding accident was to be able to get back to roping.”
Denise Townsend: Fighting Forward It was pure chance that Denise Townsend’s breast cancer was discovered early. She didn’t have any
Jennifer (Jen) Crouse considers herself somewhat of an authority on how healthcare should be delivered. During her 16-year healthcare career,
How hometown care enables Cade to live life as a normal kid. MEDICAL EXCELLENCE – right here at home
Sheridan Memorial Hospital takes your health seriously. This inspiring story reminds us that if you think you may be having a heart attack...
“9-1-1, What Is Your Emergency?”“I need help! I just found my husband face down on the floor! He is blue
If anyone can compare cancer services in Sheridan, Wyoming years ago to what is available today, it is Geraldine and