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Janet’s Story


A first-hand account from recent Urgent Care patient, Janet Dale:

My recent experience at Urgent Care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital was a very positive one.

In early July I noticed a spot on my right shin.  At the time I thought it was a bug bite, perhaps an ingrown hair or even a pimple.  It did itch a bit, but I thought it would just go away.  As time went on, I became concerned because it was not healing but getting worse – it was oozing and getting bigger.  I kept it covered most of the time with a band-aid.  

Finally, on July 25, I looked for Urgent Care Facilities in Sheridan.  I live on the mountain near Burgess Junction so I didn’t want to make a lot of trips to town.  I easily discovered Urgent Care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.  The website was great and so easy to use.  I scheduled my appointment online at a time that was convenient for me, filled out my paperwork online and had the appointment the following day.  I even received confirmation of the appointment online and also received a reminder phone call!

Check-in at Urgent Care was easy.  I felt very comfortable and everyone was wearing a mask.  I was in with the nurse almost immediately.  She was friendly and efficient.

Dr. Nickerson came in and introduced himself and asked why I was in.  He looked at my leg and told me the sore was not infected but the spot did need to be removed and a biopsy completed.  He told me he could do that today or, if I preferred, I could make an appointment with a dermatologist.  

We discussed how he would do the office surgery and making sure that enough was removed to have clear margins.  I made the choice of having the spot removed in the office.  I did not want to possibly wait weeks to get another appointment and have this spot continue to get worse.  Dr. Nickerson was wonderful in making sure the spot was numb and I would not have any pain.  He showed me the area that he removed and said it would go to the lab.  At that time he asked me to come back in two weeks for stitch removal.

Several days later I called for the lab results.  Dr. Nickerson was out of the office, but the nurse practitioner reviewed my results.  The biopsy was malignant but thankfully the margins were clear.  She carefully reviewed what that meant.  I felt very comfortable after talking with her.   She reiterated that I needed to come in to get my stitches removed and that was included in the cost of my original visit.  There would be no additional charge.

My visit for stitch removal went with no problems.  Again, I scheduled my visit online and everything was smooth.  I received a reminder message and was immediately taken care of upon my arrival.

I could not be more pleased with the care that I received from Dr. Nickerson and his staff.

Janet Dale

To learn more about Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Urgent Care or to reserve your spot online visit  SheridanUrgentCare.com or call 307.675.5850.