Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors Approves $425,700 to Fund Nuclear Medicine Camera


Thanks to the generous legacy gift from the Lorraine S. Husman Trust, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Board approved $425,700 to fund a new Nuclear Medicine Camera for Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

What is a nuclear medicine camera?

A nuclear medicine camera is a device that uses a special gamma camera and a computer to create images of tissues, bones, and organs to help detect abnormalities or diseases inside the body. The Nuclear Med Camera is used to care for more than 700 patients every year for heart studies, bone scans, and other organ function tests.

Leaving a Legacy: The Lorraine S. Husman Trust

The original gift from The Lorraine S. Husman Trust in 2012 helped create the Cath Lab and continues to support dialysis, cardiac care, and other areas of greatest need at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Lorraine and her three siblings focused on giving back to the community and ensuring people have access to the best healthcare possible. “No amount of money can replace your health” is something Lorraine would often say in conversation. All three appreciated the care that doctors and medicine provided, especially in their later lives. They all lived long and – by every measure – successful lives. Certainly, through thoughtful planning and preparation of this gift, they hoped the same for others.

The tradition of healthcare philanthropy helps to ensure the technology and equipment necessary is available for our expert physicians and care teams, which allows them to provide excellent patient care for our community. The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation is grateful for Lorraine’s generous gift that made the purchase of this equipment possible.

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