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Become a Hospice Volunteer & Make a Difference


As we celebrate all of our volunteers, we would like to recognize a group that serves a very important purpose at SMH, our hospice volunteers. Hospice volunteers are a pivotal part of our hospital team and our organization’s ability to provide continuity of care throughout one’s life. We had a chance to visit with volunteer Janet Twohey about her hospice volunteer experience and hope it helps you all understand and appreciate their role as much as we do.

Janet was inspired to start her hospice volunteer journey for a reason that is near and dear to heart.

“My father’s death is why I became a volunteer. I had just moved to Sheridan and he lived in California so I couldn’t be there very much. I was really grateful for all the people that came in and helped and took care of my father. After my father died I knew it was something that he would like so that’s what I did,” said Twohey.

Janet started in 2016 and her experience has been a rewarding and positive one.

“It’s been really positive and I’ve learned so much from the people the hospice patients. They have wonderful things to say and when they look at you when you’re saying or answering something and they just grin at you, It just feels great,” said Twohey. “Also the caregivers are wonderful. They love these people so much and they just want things to be ok for them. It can definitely  be draining at times but by and large it has been wonderful.”

The process for becoming a hospice volunteer consists of lectures and interactive training. Janet emphasized the importance and need for hospice volunteers and how anyone can do it.

“You’re not expected to be an experience medical provider. You’re really there to provide a break to the caregiver because they’re the ones that frequently don’t have a chance to go out shopping or to take a walk by themselves. You’re there to give them a moment where they’re not having to worry about whether or not their loved one is ok,” said Twohey.

Janet is passionate about helping others and hopes that by doing this interview more people will be inspired to become hospice volunteers.

“I believe if more people understood that it’s very doable, really needed, and how rewarding it is that more people would do it. I would strongly encourage anyone to do it. You don’t have to have any special expertise, you just have to have the ability to be there,” said Twohey.

Our hospice volunteers are a unique group of individuals. Their ability to connect with patients and their families is truly remarkable and makes all the difference in one’s experience through the Hospice and the bereavement journey.  Thank you, Janet! We appreciate everything you do for Sheridan Memorial Hospital, our patients, and their families!