Message From Our Board President

My first visit to Sheridan Memorial Hospital was at 1 am on June 14, 1942. Possibly this is why my wife Elaine says I remain today an early-morning person. Since then, like many of you, I have visited the hospital for tonsillectomy, appendectomy, two knee replacements, and a major back surgery. Throughout my life I watched our hospital continue to grow along with our community and its healthcare needs. This doesn’t happen without forward-thinking leadership and dedicated contributors like you.
My gratitude extends to all of the doctors, nurses, administrators, and each SMH employee and volunteer. Each individual, along with community philanthropy, helps to financially support SMH and keep the hospital moving forward. I am proud to lead The Foundation board in support of the hospital’s vision & mission, focused on the same excellent patient-centered care I first received in 1942.
Richard Story Garber, Sr.

Mission & Vision

Established in 1977, The Foundation has created a lasting legacy, as well as strategic goals for the future. It is The Foundation’s mission to support The Hospital as we collectively strive to always “serve our community with excellent patient-centered care.” Funding from individual, corporate, foundation gifts and grants enables the Foundation to financially assist Sheridan Memorial Hospital with strategic and vital healthcare projects. The importance of providing excellent, patient-centered care remains the hospital’s top priority, and The Foundation will continue to support these endeavors through significant projects and initiatives that will best serve our neighbors, donors, friends, and families. When you make a gift to Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation, 100% of your contribution goes towards ensuring innovative and superior healthcare continues to be available, right here at home.

Meet The Board

Richard Garber

Rob Johnson
Vice President

Vicki Jorgenson

Matt Ebzery

Sue Belish

William E. Doughty, MD

J.T. Grainger

Sara S. Maguire, MD
SMH Physician Rep

Stella Montano
SMH Auxiliary Rep

Wendy Smith

Joe Wright
SMH Trustee Rep

Cody Sinclair
Chief Development Officer

Ada Kirven
Director of Donor Relations

PO Box 391 | Sheridan, WY 82801 | 307.673.2418

Jasmine Slater | Development Coordinator

Emeritus Board Of Directors

We thank Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation retired and honorary directors who played a tremendous role in promoting the importance of a strong healthcare community and ensuring our region has excellent facilities, services, and programs available for all those in need.

Dr. Francesco Beuf
Frank Boley
Mary Gwen Brayton
Bruce Burns
Shirley Coulter
Gene Davis
Richard M. Davis, Jr.
Ky Dixon
William E. Doughty, M.D.
Walter Gould, M.D.
Pippa Hubbard
Bill Huppert
Debbie Iverson

Mary Ludemann
Andrea Mellinger
Gary Miller
Karen Miller
Ron Mischke
Jill Mitchell
Everett Mohatt
Mark Murphy
Howard Mussell, M.D.
Ed Neeriemer
D. Scott Nickerson, M.D.
Dave Nicolarsen
John Pradere

Tom Richards, M.D.
Dan Riggs
Annette Rinaldo
Rita Rohrbaugh
Rick Rossa
Ernie Schmidt
Dixie See
David Smith
Anthony Spiegelberg
Kathy Strahan
Seymour Thickman, M.D.
Jim R. Urbatchka
Kristi Von Krosigk
Shirley Yager

We also honor our past directors who paved the way and helped Sheridan Memorial Hospital develop a strong philanthropic culture.

Ruth F. Adam
Gene Bondi
Jack O. Booth
Cooley O. Butler
Ray Clark
Patrick Cummings

Evelyn Ebzery
John Gable
Sue Gates
Dorothy Gibbs
Gary Gold
Jack Kibben

Donald King
Scott Ludwig
Rose Marie Madia
Harold Newton
John Patton
Rachel Pelissier