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November is Diabetes Awareness Month


SMH Diabetes Education Program Coordinator, Sarah Sommers, Laura Ferries, MD and SMH Diabetes Education Nurse, Katie Hiller work to help those with diabetes in our community.

Diabetes Awareness Month
November 2019

Fast Facts:
· Over 100 million adults in the United States have Diabetes or Prediabetes—about 30% of the population.
· 1 out of 4 people with diabetes don’t know that they have diabetes.
· 1 out of 3 people will develop diabetes in their lifetime.
· Medical costs for people with diabetes are 2x those of people without diabetes.
· Diabetes is a serious disease with significant health and financial impacts on patients and the healthcare system.

Type 1

The body doesn’t make enough insulin.
No known way to prevent.
Accounts for 5% of diagnosed diabetes in adults.
Must be treated with insulin.


Type 2

The body can’t use insulin properly.
Most cases can be prevented through weight loss and physical activity.
Accounts for 95% of diagnosed diabetes in adults.
May be treated with diet, medications, or insulin.

A Day in the Life of an Individual with Type 1 Diabetes

6 am: Test Blood Glucose; Take Insulin
8 am: Count Carbohydrate; Test Blood Glucose; Take Insulin; Eat
12 pm: Test Blood Glucose; Count Carbohydrate; Take Insulin; Eat
3 pm: Test Blood Glucose; Exercise Test Blood Glucose
4 pm: Feel shaky, sweaty, and tired; Test Blood Glucose; Treat Low Blood Glucose with 4 oz Juice; Test Blood Glucose; Eat Snack
6 pm: Test Blood Glucose; Count Carbohydrate; Take Insulin; Eat
8 pm: Test Blood Glucose
2 am: Test Blood Glucose

For More Information Visit: www.cdc.gov/diabetes or www.diabetes.org

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Diabetes Education