Handmade Quilts Bring Little Patients Joy at Christmas Time


On December 20, 2021, Sheridan Memorial Hospital received a special Christmas delivery of handmade quilts from Love in Stitches, a local non-profit. The handmade blankets were specially made for newborns and children who may have to visit the hospital for various reasons. The Pediatric and Emergency Departments distribute the blankets to their young patients.

Love in Stitches has delivered these soft and cuddly handmade quilts to many throughout our community since 2014. The collaboration with Sheridan Memorial Hospital has been appreciated by so many over the years. The quilters love this project and according to Penny Covalt, “We hope kiddos enjoy and that the soft, cuddly quilts bring comfort to those in need.” 

Penny said, “Love in Stitches plans to continue the project. As long as there are kids in need and we can sew, we’ll make our deliveries. With this delivery, we have given over 150 quilts to Sheridan Memorial Hospital—it’s a great partnership!” According to Lynn Grady, Director of Critical Care, the staff at the hospital agree, “The generosity and time these remarkable women spend to make a difference for our patients is incredible. The quilts bring comfort and smiles during a stressful time and, they are so appreciated.”

Visit sheridanhospital.org or call The Foundation for information about how you can make a difference for a family in need, 307.673.2418.