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Transitional Care
Frequently Asked Questions

How long do patients typically stay in Transitional Care?

Most stays in Transitional Care are a few days to a few weeks, however, some patients may stay longer if they have daily qualifying skilled care needs. Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Transitional Care team will help you to manage transitions and help you or your family member with the goal of discharging home or to the safest, least restrictive living environment as soon as possible.

Is Transitional Care covered by my insurance plan?

Transitional Care is predominantly covered by the Medicare “Swing Bed” benefit. Some other insurance providers may cover this care as well. If you are having a planned hospitalization and think you might need care after your stay, our case managers are available to work with you on understanding your benefits so you can plan accordingly.

How is Transitional Care different from the care received in Assisted Living, a Skilled Nursing Facility, or a nursing home?

You will be treated by a multi-disciplinary team during your TCU stay. Your entire hospital care team will deliver Transitional Care with high levels of safety, quality, and flexibility with hospital-based resources including on-site lab, radiology, and access to providers and other caregivers. Patient care conferences will take place to allow you and your family to meet with your multi-disciplinary, patient care team to ensure comfort and support throughout your stay and the transition home.

Who should I contact with questions about if Transitional Care is right for me or a loved one?

Our case managers help patients and families with referrals to our rehabilitation and support programs, provide information about your illness and treatment options, and help you evaluate and understand your insurance benefits. For more information or to contact Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Case Management Team, Click Here

Transitional Care

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