WBCI Awards Community Grant for Welch Cancer Center Navigation Program and Breast Boutique


Did you know that breast cancer is one of the few cancers where early detection can literally be the difference between life and death? Yet, Wyoming ranks among the worst in the nation for breast cancer early detection screenings. Add to that, every single day a Wyoming resident is diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the Department of Health. Enter the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative (WBCI).

Started in 2016, WBCI is one of the only non-profits in Wyoming solely dedicated to increasing early detection, decreasing late-stage diagnosis, and supporting breast cancer survivors. Through year-round fundraising efforts, WBCI raises, then disperses funds to local Wyoming programs through grants. WBCI Community Grants are awarded to programs that provide services in one of four funding priority areas: education and awareness, screening and early detection testing, patient navigation and providing support to breast cancer patients and survivors.

The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation is proud to announce it has been chosen as a recipient of a 2022 WBCI Community Grant to provide vital services to the Sheridan community through Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Welch Cancer Center (WCC). The grant was written and approved to provide patient navigation services throughout diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, personalized essential care for breast cancer patients, and dedicated funds for the WCC’s Breast Boutique. The boutique is an experience complete with compassionate highly trained staff who provide post breast cancer care options including post-op camisoles, breast prosthesis, and bra fittings in a comfortable, private setting. All of the services in the boutique are free of charge.

According to Foundation Director of Donor Relations, Ada Kirven, “We are extremely grateful to receive this successful grant notification. The additional funding plays a major role in allowing the WCC to grow and expand the reach for early breast cancer detection and treatment for better patient outcomes. We want to encourage screening and then work to change the Wyoming breast cancer statistics. Our patients and their families are appreciative to have personalized, exceptional breast cancer care close to home and in a comfortable, safe environment with providers they trust at the WCC.”

Cara Nett, Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative’s Board President, states, “Since WBCI started, we have granted nearly seven hundred thousand dollars to local Wyoming projects. It’s truly incredible when you stop to think about it. Our funds don’t come from big foundations or businesses, they really come from local Wyoming residents and businesses, many of who have felt the devastation of breast cancer personally. Nothing makes us more proud than knowing we are being good stewards of our donors’ hard earned money. The Welch Cancer Center Navigation Program and Breast Boutique serve as only one example of eighteen other projects in Wyoming we are able to fund. Every funded project brings us closer to our mission of increasing early detection, decreasing late-stage diagnosis and supporting those in the fight of their lives.”

Anyone wanting to learn more about services provided at The Welch Cancer Center and The Breast Boutique should visit https://www.sheridanhospital.org/medical-services/welch-cancer-center/ or call 307.674.6022. To learn more about the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative and how you can help support breast cancer projects in Wyoming, please visit www.wyomingbreastcancer.org or like WBCI on social media.