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September WOW Employee of the Month Home Care/Hospice Team


September 2019

This month we have selected the entire Home Care / Hospice Team as our “Employee of the Month.”

Teamwork is strong in the Homecare / Hospice Department at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. The group has developed an ability to work together toward a common vision… “Alone we can do little, but together we can do so much.” Two years ago, several staff members decided that they would participate in the hospital’s “Maintain Don’t Gain” challenge. The result of that first challenge prompted the development of a very strong team atmosphere. They began meeting in the mornings to walk, joined other team challenges, shared recipes and health information with one another, and continue to encourage one another to stick with their personal goals.

As a team, they have become very competitive and want to win in Wellness. They are a team from start to finish and each of them take that commitment seriously. Home Care Manager, Ann Aksamit encourages each one of them to vow that even if they don’t take a lunch break, they need to go for a walk and regroup to be ready for the afternoon. Their break table is now filled with fruits and vegetables rather than cookies and cakes.

Each of them find motivation in different ways. Shannon Stellingwerf and Casi Morgareidge not only want to be good examples for their kids, they want to actively participate in family activities in a fun and enjoyable way. Jacki Cornell has seen the muscle strength she lost come back and feels better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ginette Aasby rides her bike to work and Jill Hegy is motivated by her girls and walking her 11 year-old blind dog every day.

Changes in their lifestyles have happened over a period of time. Jill has a saying tacked on her mirror that she reflects on daily. It reads, “If you think you want to be healthy for the rest of your life — today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Don’t wait for tomorrow, start now. Shannon, can proudly say that she has lost 100 pounds by eating less carbs, (especially sugar and soda), watching her portion sizes, and becoming more active. She exercises at least 5 times/week and takes the stairs instead of the elevator. Casi has found success in doing Weight Watchers and walking every day. Jacki has made some major changes in her food choices and she and her daughter Micah Cornell, who works in the IT department, exercise on a regular basis. Most importantly, she takes time in the morning for reflection and meditation.

Advice from the Team…

  • It is the power of choice that enables us to make positive changes in our life.
  • Be stronger than your strongest temptation!
  • Read health and wellness books to get yourself in the correct mindset.
  • Take time for yourself – take a walk, bike or run even if it’s only for ½ hour.
  • Start somewhere – Start with just ONE small change.
  • Set small goals and celebrate yourself when you achieve them
  • Let your goal be a lifestyle change by choosing to make better choices.