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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Earns 4-Star Rating


May 15, 2019

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced on their Hospital Compare website that Sheridan Memorial Hospital has earned a 4-star rating. The rating is based on a series of quality indicators CMS measures in their 5-star rating system. This puts SMH in the top 20% of all hospitals across the country.

According to hospital Chief Nursing Officer Barb Hespen, the hospital achieved this 4-star rating ahead of schedule.

“Originally we had a goal of attaining 4-Star status later in 2019 or early 2020. This shows the efforts we are putting into improving our processes is working,” Hespen said. “This rating is a testament to all of the hard work and dedication that is put in by our staff and physicians every day.”

Since the start of the star rating system in 2015, CMS collects and compiles data from hospitals and uses that information to assign ratings from 1-5 stars. Much of the data comes from surveys of actual patients assessing their specific experience.  CMS uses the rating system to measure multiple facets of over 4,000 hospitals across the country to drive systematic improvements in care and safety for patients. The ratings are published on the CMS hospital compare website.

The specific performance indicators include measurements related to the following areas:
–    Re-Admission Rate – the rate at which any patient is re-admitted within 30 days
–    Harm Rate – the rate of harm caused by health acquired conditions (i.e., infections, falls or injury)
–    Patient Experience – ratings based on surveys completed by patients after their visit
–    Mortality Rate – the rate of patients who die within 30 days of a hospital discharge

While SMH meets or exceeds the national average on all of these measures, above average scores were seen in the rate of Re-admission and Harm. SMH meets the national average scores for indicators related to Patient Experience and Mortality rate.

“We are doing a great job in all areas,” said Hespen, “But we can always improve, and our strategic plan helps keep us focused on these indicators, so we continue to make progress for our patients.”
According to Hespen, the current SMH strategic plan sets an even higher goal.

“We are well on our way towards our goal of earning 5-star status, which means we are doing things right for our patients and really focused on delivering excellent patient-centered care,” Hespen added.

“Achieving 4-Star status ahead of schedule is a huge step in the right direction.”