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2023 Community Benefit Report shows SMH’s commitment to service


Sheridan Memorial Hospital is an independent community healthcare system with a strong belief in its mission: To serve our community with excellent patient-centered care. The 2023 Community Benefit Report outlines much of the work done in support of that mission.

In fiscal year 2023, which ended June 30, 2023, Sheridan Memorial Hospital provided more than $40 million in unreimbursed care to the community. This amount includes medical assistance provided based on federal poverty limit guidelines, subsidized services, bad debt and the unpaid cost of Medicare and Medicaid.

As Sheridan County continues to grow and demands change, Sheridan Memorial Hospital will continue working to expand access to excellent, patient-centered care close to home.

“As we strive to meet these needs, we have seen areas of growth necessary to provide the added value you and your family deserve and demand,” said Mike McCafferty, Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO.

Currently SMH staff members are working to expand mental health services for the community with the goal of creating a continuum of care that includes crisis stabilization, inpatient services and outpatient treatment.

Busy schedules can make caring for yourself or your family challenging. To meet the need for convenient access, SMH has expanded its outpatient imaging hours into the evening and Saturday mornings. SMH also has begun work to create a bariatric surgery program, renovate its Emergency Department and Pharmacy, increase capacity for outpatient surgeries and update its patient portal.

As SMH maintains its focus on continuous improvement, additional projects and programs will solidify the healthcare system’s position as your trusted partner in health.

To read the full 2023 Community Benefit Report, see below or download HERE.