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Matt’s Story


The challenges that come with a debilitating injury are more than physical.  The mental challenges of not being able to do things that came easy prior to the injury can be beyond frustrating. And the baby steps it sometimes takes to get back to “normal” can seem to take forever.

Matt Kemerling’s shoulder injury from a workplace mishap took him through some very challenging times. “I separated my biceps from my shoulder is how the doctor described it to me,” Kemerling stated. “The news that I had to have surgery just shattered me. But the doctor assured me that the surgery followed by a strong physical therapy regimen I could get back to normal.”

Kemerling admits his first thoughts about physical therapy were “that it’s a waste of time. I wasn’t a big believer in it.” But he was willing to give it a try and after the surgery he got to work with Charlotte Walter and Mike Duncan at Wyoming Rehab.

“I don’t think I could have been more fortunate to work with two people who fit my personality better,” Kemerling said. “I was super impressed with them both. They are super motivators and helped drive me to get done what I needed to get done.”

The regimen was three days a week to start and slowed to two days as progress was made.

“As we started doing therapy at the (Wyoming Rehab) facility and I did my homework, I saw improvements and that was a huge factor in my motivation,” Kemerling added. “Just the way Charlotte and Mike listened and talked to me really raised my spirits and helped with the mental aspect of dealing with this injury. That was so important.”

Kemerling was impressed with Walter and Duncan’s approach to therapy, the way they kept his goals in front of him and how they were invested in his success.

“The relationships I developed with the team at Wyoming Rehab were amazing and it was a little sad when I was done with my therapy and had to tell Charlotte and Mike good-bye,” Kemerling said. “It was an awesome experience, with a very professional team and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Learn more about Wyoming Rehab services by following the link sheridanhospital.org/medical-services/rehabilitation-services/  Specific exercises and stretches from a qualified professional at Wyoming Rehab will alleviate and can prevent common health problems.  Call Wyoming Rehab  today to set up a free screening for non-emergent physical impairments or injuries – 307.674.1632.