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W.O.W Employee of the Month – July 2020 – The Amazing Race Winners


This month’s W.O.W Employees of the Month are the “Home Girls” from Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Home Care, who won the hospital’s Spring Wellness Challenge, “The Amazing Race ‘Round Wyoming.”  Casi Morgareidge, Shannon Stellingwerf, Jill Hegy and Martha Cover-Killian all competed together to win for the second year in a row!

This year’s challenge was held from June 1st to July 4th and encouraged teams to practice healthy habits daily. Each day, team members could earn points as follows:

–     Eat 5 fruits or vegetables – 5 points

–     Drink 64 oz. of water – 5 points

–     Exercise for 30 minutes or more – 5 points

–     7 to 9 hours of sleep of each night – 5 points

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the Home Care team to discuss how they’ve been consistently successful. 

The Home Care team has competed together in different challenges for the past three years. When asked about their success, it all comes down to teamwork and the bond they have toward one another.  Their expectations of each other during a challenge is to commit to giving 100%, and they definitely hold each other to it. Their accountability and support for one another, both at work and during challenges, is truly the success of the Home Care team.  If one of them is struggling, they unite together to do what is necessary to help their friend and co-worker stay on track.  

When asked what the most difficult part of the challenge was, each of them struggled in different ways.  Jill and Shannon felt that getting enough sleep and letting go of things at night so they could get to bed earlier was difficult.  Casi said that eating her fruits and vegetables is always her biggest challenge, and Martha struggled to find the motivation to exercise on Sundays because of family time.

Their advice to future challenge competitors would be to set aside time for yourself to be active and schedule your exercise time like you would a meeting or a doctor’s appointment.  It is best if you make every aspect of the challenge a priority in order to develop habits that continue long after the challenge is over. Doing this can have a major impact on your health.  

They are a great team that is dedicated to each other, and repeatedly challenge one another to do their best.  Congratulations ladies! You are an inspiration to all of us.