Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors approves $165,000 toward COVID-19 support for Sheridan Memorial Hospital


The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation stands alongside Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) to ensure we are providing necessary resources to support all efforts to keep our community safe and healthy. The Foundation created a COVID-19 Care Fund to provide essential resources to support the COVID-19 planning and preparation for our community. On Tuesday, April 28, The Foundation Board of Directors approved $165,000 toward COVID-19 support for SMH.

This funding will go towards setup for current and future testing, surge planning, purchasing additional personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory equipment, training, and other professional resources to support the preparations to care for COVID-19 patients.  The Homer and Mildred Scott Foundation led these efforts with an original gift of $10,000 for PPE and support for the partnership with Kennon to produce masks and gowns.  Additionally, the generosity of an anonymous donor funded the purchase of two refurbished ventilators, already in use at our hospital.

In addition to April’s substantial contribution, in late March the Foundation Board also approved $50,000 of additional funding for new technology and testing equipment for the SMH lab. The BioFire FilmArray analyzer is an industry-leading technology, used in the diagnostics of infectious disease. The new equipment provides fast results and improves patient care.  The Foundation’s membership and annual donor contributions supported the purchase.

To date, over 250 individuals, families, and corporations have donated their time, products, and services to support the COVID-19 Care Fund. In every contribution, in-kind gift, expression of support, selfless donation of supplies, meals for our staff, we find the heart of our community. 

“The Foundation Board & Staff, on behalf of the entire hospital team, extend their gratitude to community members and donors of Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation,” says Director of Donor Relations Ada Kirven. “These individuals and organizations, and so many who stepped up in this time of need to contribute faithfully, understand the importance of our community hospital and its ability to provide safe, excellent patient care for all every day. They’ve enabled these vital projects and purchases to happen quickly during such a critical time. We are truly humbled.”