Transitional Care Expansion – Approaching the Fundraising Finish Line


Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation is working to connect the community with the Transitional Care expansion project. This expansion ensures our family, friends, and neighbors have a comfortable, private environment to heal and regain their strength and confidence to return home safely following a serious illness, injury, or surgery. The message has connected with so many people who understand the importance of having this care close to home.

The $8 million dollar project got a kick start toward the end of 2021 with a $2.1 million dollar grant from the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) to complete demolition and infrastructure work. Since then, The Foundation has steadily worked on raising the $4.4 million dollars that will allow Sheridan Memorial Hospital to start the final phase of construction to repurpose the 2nd and 3rd floors of the hospital for the 20 private Transitional Care rooms.

Due to the generous contributions over the past seven months, The Foundation is nearing the finish line of the campaign. A matching challenge in March was exceeded and The Foundation board stepped in to ensure that every gift received was matched. This opportunity helped The Foundation raise nearly $700k in March.

To date, gifts and pledges from our community of over $3.8 million dollars have been made to the Transitional Care expansion. This means the goal of raising the $4.4 million dollars by June 30, 2021, is within reach. Approximately one year from now, Sheridan will have a new Transitional Care Unit.

Foundation Board President and Campaign Co-Chair Richard Garber expressed his gratitude to our community and welcomed everyone to come see the vision for Transitional Care saying, “We appreciate the generous response from our community. Sheridan is a place where people take care of each other and share in a vision to ensure our community is a great place to live well into the future. This project will do just that and encourage everyone to come see the original 1954 hospital space that will soon be transformed for Transitional Care.”

To get the most up to date Foundation information and get involved in the Transitional Care Expansion Project, visit sheridanhospital.org/foundation.