SMH Foundation Approves Over $100,000 to Fund Robotic Surgical Table


Thanks to the generous gifts made by donors in and around our community, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Board approved over $100,000 to fund a vital surgical table necessary for the Robotic-Assisted Surgery Program at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

The TruSystem 7000dV Mobile Surgical Table is intended for use with the da Vinci XI Robot-Assisted Surgical System. It allows for better access, flexibility, and communication during robotic-assisted procedures.

It is essential for robotic-assisted surgery due to its ability to dynamically position a patient while the surgeon operates. This immediate repositioning during surgery uses the power of gravity to move organs and tissue out of view, which allows the surgeon to have optimal exposure and access to the target anatomy.

This table features connectivity, control, and versatility. It has a wireless connection, long battery life, an easy-to-use remote that helps guide through the setup and intraoperative use, and a wide range of motion with a patient weight limit of 1,000 lb.

The tradition of healthcare philanthropy helps to ensure the technology and equipment necessary is available for our expert physicians and care teams which allows them to provide excellent patient care for our community. The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to the generous individuals and organizations whose contributions were able to fund this necessary equipment for Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

“The addition of this surgical table is critical for the growth and advancement of our robotic-assisted surgeries. Enhanced technology in our rural community allows patients to stay close to home, near their friends and family, allowing providers to deliver excellent patient-centered care,” shares Dr. Rebecca Krzyminski, Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgeon.

Watch and learn more about robotic-assisted surgery at sheridanroboticsurgery.com.

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