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New TCU nurse practitioner calls health care a vocation, aims to serve


Like many people who go into health care, Ashley Bostyan knew she wanted a career in which she could help people. While her career path has evolved, her goal hasn’t changed. She started off as a social worker, then went back to school to become a nurse. Now, she has joined the team at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, working as a nurse practitioner in the Transitional Care Unit.

“I’ve always really enjoyed helping people and interacting with people,” Bostyan said.

She added that the most formative years of her health care career came when she worked in Minnesota at the Mayo Clinic. There, she had the opportunity to see the impact all health care workers have on patients, but also the influence patients have on health care staff.

“It helped me see that the severity of illness and what they are experiencing holds no boundaries,” Bostyan said. “It didn’t matter who they were, where they were from – their race, age or religion. That experience brings out the humanity in all of us and reiterates how precious health and life are.”

Bostyan, who grew up on a ranch in southwestern North Dakota, said she looks forward to serving a smaller community. She noted organizations the size of SMH tend to have higher accountability and responsibility, as the community holds health care employees to a higher standard.

Working in more rural areas is also very rewarding for Bostyan.

“It’s not just a job, but a vocation,” she said. “It’s important to seek out those places where every resource and every opportunity isn’t just around the corner and give back, especially in rural areas.”

Bostyan and her family spent time in the Sheridan County when she was growing up, so she’s familiar with the area. The people in the community and at the hospital represent some of the values she holds dear – putting patient care first, taking care of health care employees and championing community.

And while her path has included many experiences, Bostyan looks forward to working on the Transitional Care Unit at SMH. She noted patients often return home quickly following significant surgeries or illnesses, and she looks forward to helping prepare them for that transition.

“Transitional care is so important because it focuses on promoting different therapies and opportunities for rehabilitation that prepare individuals for their next steps,” Bostyan said. “It helps them to thrive when they return home or to another facility and helps to avoid future hospital stays. There is so much opportunity to do a lot of good.”

In her free time, Bostyan enjoys staying active outdoors, music, reading, and being an auntie to her nieces and nephews. She also volunteers at the nonprofit CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy.

To learn more about Transitional Care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, click HERE or visit: https://www.sheridanhospital.org/medical-services/transitional-care/