Community Contributes $30,000 to Thank Hometown Healthcare Heroes


We live in extraordinary times, and our community is being cared for by over 1,000 extraordinary healthcare workers in our local doctors’ offices, clinics, and at Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Our rural community is fortunate to be cared for by so many hometown healthcare heroes, with such a wide array of talents and expertise.

After local attorney Deb Wendtland saw the moving SMH video asking our community for their help to slow the spread of Covid-19 by wearing a mask, she was inspired to support our community’s frontline healthcare staff. Deb went to work with her close friend Julie Gerlach to raise funds and support our community. They jumped right in, bringing together a group of community members and friends to obtain financial support for front line healthcare workers. In coordination with The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation, gifts were accepted through both First Federal Bank and Trust and The Foundation’s online or mail-in contribution.

By November 30, more than $30,000 in gifts were made to tangibly tell our local healthcare heroes thank you and bring joy to these healthcare workers. The Foundation worked with Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Reward & Recognition team to support and help host: “The Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness,” recognizing all team members and other community healthcare workers, from December 3, 2020, through December 18, 2020.

Our community’s contributions have been put to work in purchasing food, gifts, and holiday cheer through locally owned and operated businesses to be distributed throughout the December event. Any funds raised over the goal will support SMH COVID-19 for necessary PPE to keep staff and patients safe.

“We think this is a terrific partnership and look forward to sharing goodwill and surprises with so many who need a lift in their spirits right now,” shares Director of Donor Relations – Ada Kirven. “Our gratitude is infinite for our community’s support not only to make these gifts but to take the Hometown Healthcare Heroes’ Pledge to Wear a Mask. Each of these acts makes the difference.”