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Volunteering At SMH: A Service Mission


April is National Volunteer Month and Sheridan Memorial Hospital is thankful for all of our wonderful volunteers. This month we’re highlighting one of the newest members of the SMH volunteer family, Aaron Jensen.

After graduating from high school in 2019, Aaron chose SMH for his Service Mission.

“During a Service Mission you spend 2 years of your life going out and volunteering,” said Jensen. “You spend that time trying to be the best person you can be and helping people.”

Aaron wants to go to school to become a doctor and SMH seemed like a great place to get into the medical field.

“It always seemed like a nice place and I always enjoyed myself when I was there for personal reasons,” said Jensen. “It seemed like a good place to go where I could help and it has been wonderful.”

The culture of kindness has impacted him during his time at the hospital.

“They have this culture of kindness here and when I first started I thought it was more for the patients and visitors, but the longer I’ve been here I’ve realized that it’s for everyone. It’s one of the best parts about working here. Being new here can be stressful, the hospital is busy and there’s a lot going on, but everyone is really welcoming. Everyone is nice, smiles at you in the hallway, and makes it feel like this is a place you can call home and go to work at,” said Jensen.

There are many things that he enjoys about volunteering at SMH but just being able to help others has been his favorite part.

“Just being able to make people happy. It’s been nice to help lighten people’s loads and bring a little joy into people’s lives. It makes it feel worthwhile to know that I’m making people’s days a little bit brighter,” said Jensen.

 When asked what he would tell someone who is considering volunteering at SMH his answer was simple, just do it.

“Do it. There are no cons and everyone is super understanding and they are really appreciative of any help that you can give,” said Jensen.

SMH is thankful to have Aaron as a part of our family and we can’t wait to see what he does during his time here.

“I’m looking forward to being able to become a part of the hospital, get to know people, and make friends,” said Jensen. “I want to make the patients and people who work here just a little bit happier.”