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W.O.W Employee of the Month – Gregg McAdoo, M.D., FACOG


This month’s W.O.W Employee of the Month is the Women’s Clinic’s Gregg McAdoo, M.D., FACOG! Dr. McAdoo is motivated to maintain his health and wellness so that he can continue to do the activities that he loves.

“As we get older, one of the hardest struggles we have is being able to do the things that we enjoy doing. If you don’t maintain your health as much as possible you’re going to lose out on active lifestyle activities and you won’t get the most out of life. Being able to continue the activities I enjoy doing for as long in life as I can, is important to me,” said McAdoo.

Dr. McAdoo enjoys many outdoor activities including hunting and hiking.

“I enjoy active hunting with my dog: pheasant hunting, bird hunting, and elk hunting. Recently I’ve been hauling 50-pound bags of sweet feed to bait bears,” said McAdoo. “When you’re hunting and climbing the mountain you realize quickly if you haven’t maintained your health, our mountain is a humbling experience.”

When asked what advice he would give to others who are wanting to start a healthy lifestyle, he stressed the importance of balance and finding things you enjoy.

“I think picking things that you enjoy doing and will continue doing is very important. If you don’t enjoy it and its too hard on your body you won’t be able to continue to do it. Finding what you will do regularly is more important than what it is,” said McAdoo.

He also has the same mentality when it comes to nutrition and finding a balance that works for you.

“It’s about trying to balance. If kale is good for you but you don’t like it, you’re not going to keep eating it. It’s trying to find the things you enjoy and are willing to eat regularly. If you’re too rigid you’re not going to follow it. There has to be flexibility to it,” said McAdoo.

He also makes small changes to incorporate healthy habits into his everyday life.

“Instead of reading and drinking coffee for an hour in the morning or watching T.V. at night, go on a walk instead. You have to change and make different decisions to stay active in life. It’s finding ways to exercise while spending time with family, as well as finding ways to incorporate exercise and how you eat into your life,” said McAdoo.

Dr. McAdoo says that for both activity and diet his son has been his best example.

“He’s been cooking his own meals for 6 years and rarely eats out because he’s worried about what it’s getting cooked in and how it’s prepared. As a teen he was getting me up to do P90X at 4 am before work,” said McAdoo. “I always ask myself, if he saw me eating it, would he approve?