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Wyoming Rehab Offering Cancer Rehabilitation Program


Wyoming Rehab’s Cancer Rehabilitation Program can help patients before, during, and after cancer treatment. The program is a comprehensive treatment approach aimed at improving the physical function of individuals who have experienced cancer.

“It’s incredible how important cancer rehab can be in the life of someone who has or has had that diagnosis,” said the head of Wyoming Rehab’s Cancer Rehab Program, Charlotte Walter, DPT. “There are so many things cancer can effect in your physical functioning.”

In the past, patients with cancer were told to “take it easy” but this is no longer the case. Research shows that exercise is a safe and effective addition to an individual’s cancer treatment plan. Patients participating in supervised and structured exercise programs have been shown to have increases in aerobic capacity, leg strength, bone mineral density at the spine, and lean body mass superior to individuals only treated with usual care.

The Cancer Rehab Program is for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. An individualized starting point is determined for each patient depending on needs and diagnosis. When patients first come in an initial evaluation is done looking at their strength, balance, endurance, and pain and fatigue levels. Individuals are asked about their current levels of function and anything they’re having trouble with at home, work, and during recreation.

“We try to find things that the patients enjoy. For example I have a patient who enjoys walking and used to walk multiple times a day with her husband. That’s something she wants to get back to, so we focus a lot on walking, pacing, and energy conservation,” said Walter, a Physical Therapist. “The program starts with the initial evaluation, then we come up with an individualized plan to help reach the patient’s goals. The final step is either the transition to a home exercise plan or to a community based exercise program.”

Apart from the many physical benefits patients of the Cancer Rehab Program can see, there are also mental and emotional benefits.

“My favorite part is to see the emotional blossoming. These individuals have gone through an enormous treatment experience. They can come in sad, anxious, and nervous. We can show them this isn’t over yet. We can get them back and show them they don’t have to give up all of the things they used to do. Seeing that hope, confidence, and independence is so rewarding for me when I work with these patients,” said Walter.

Walter also discussed how incredible it is to have a program like this in a small town like Sheridan.

“I’ve had many patients tell me how happy and blessed they feel that they can get this kind of treatment, starting at the Welch Cancer Center, right here in Sheridan. They say how they were so encouraged when they didn’t have to go Billings or Denver to get that treatment. When patients see they can continue and complement that treatment here, with our trained health professionals and get the guidance they need, it’s a really special thing,” said Walter.

If you or someone you know is interested in the Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Wyoming Rehab, all you need to do is get a prescription for physical therapy from your oncologist or primary care physician. Cancer rehab sessions are billed through insurance and can differ based on an individual’s insurance plan.

For more information on the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, call Wyoming Rehab at 307-674-1632 or stop by 135 N Gould St, Sheridan, WY.