Funds Available to Help With Cost of Cancer Screenings


Sometimes it can seem overwhelming when it comes to your own personal healthcare. But there are resources out there to help those in need. One such resource is the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Cancer Screening Fund. These are funds available locally for those in need of, or think they can’t afford, cancer screening. We recently sat down with Cashlee Cates, Patient Financial Advocate with Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH), to learn more about this amazing funding source for those in need in our community.

Q:        Tell us about the SMH Cancer Screening Fund.

A:        This fund was set up by the SMH Foundation to provide those in need with critical access to cancer screening. We have so many great philanthropists in our community and this is just one example of how their donations are being used to help with direct patient care.

Q:        How are the funds for this program generated?

A:        The funds are generated through various efforts by, and donations through, the SMH Foundation. Contributions that go toward The Link Partners in Pink and the Welch Comfort Care Fund can be used for numerous cancer screenings. Events like the Link Partners in Pink, Bingo Night at Blacktooth Brewery, andgifts from generous donors directly to cancer screening make up this fund. They work extremely hard to make sure we have dollars available for cancer screenings.

Q:        Who administers the funds?

A:        The funds are administered by the Patient Financial Advocate team here at the hospital. We have six (6) advocates who work with prospective patients to make sure they qualify. We also work very closely with our Foundation as they are the entity working with donors to make sure the funding is always available.

Q:        How do I know if I qualify for the funding?

A:        Each patient wishing to access the funds must fill out an application with one of our financial advocates. The most cirtical criteria is the patient must not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level ($52,260 annually or $4,355 per month).The application process only takes a few minutes to know if you qualify.

Q:        What screenings does the funding cover?

A:        The cancer screening funds cover mammograms, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy, genetic testing, prostate cancer screening and low dose lung screening. The really nice thing about this program is the funds will cover the entire cost for any of these services. If you have questions on another screenings not listed above, or aren’t sure if they’d qualify, we encourage community members to still meet with an advocate. Our goal is to provide healthcare to our community, so we will look for all options available to help our patients.

Q:        If I need multiple cancer screenings, do I have to apply for funds to cover each separate screening?

A:        No. Once you apply and are qualified, your qualification status lasts for one full year from your approval date.

Q:        Who do I contact to apply for funding?

A:        The best way to start the process is to reach out to one of our Patient Financial Advocates at 307.675.4620 or by email at financialadvocates@sheridanhospital.org. They will set up an appointment with you to walk through the application process.

For Donors

If you are interested in learning about becoming a donor to the SMH Cancer Screening Fund, please contact Ada Kirven at 307.673.2417 or via email at adakirven@sheridanhospital.org.