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The Patient Portal: Knowledge is Power…


By Kelly Lieb, DMSc, PA-C – Director of Patient Experience at Sheridan Memorial Hospital

The Patient Portal: Knowledge is Power…but knowledge is more powerful when we put it into use
Research tells us there are positive relationships between patient engagement and shared-decision making when we evaluate health outcomes for our patients. With this comes the opportunity for patients to be empowered and positively impact their care. The Patient Experience Department at Sheridan Memorial Hospital values effective communication through a human experience and interaction with your care teams. We believe that the simple acts of connection, listening, and understanding of the patient’s journey contribute to the highest quality of care.

Not only are we living in a world of human connections but also digital interactions, which is also part of the patient journey. Providing a digital experience where patients can positively impact their care and, ultimately, health outcomes is a priority of our care team as we move even further into a digital world.

Improved timeliness of responses
The MySheridanHealth patient portal provides a digital opportunity for effective communication with clinical teams and improved timeliness of responses. We want to provide patients with care that respects their time, and supports improved access and decreased wait times. We recognize that your time is valuable, and the desire for quality and timely access to care is a priority for our patients. When we optimize the technology provided, we can connect and effectively empower the patient-provider relationship in real-time and at our fingertips. Knowledge is power, but knowledge is more powerful when we put it into use.

Most efficient way to communicate with your medical team
Did you know that MySheridanHealth is available at no cost to all patients receiving care at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and its affiliated clinics, including Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Big Horn Surgical, Ear, Nose and Throat, Heart Center, Rheumatology, Wound Care, and Women’s Clinic? Here, you can review your appointments, request medication refills, conveniently communicate with your healthcare provider, track health conditions, view results, and much more. “Using the patient portal is the most efficient way to connect with your medical team in any one of our clinics. You can request medication refills, discuss concerns, and feel connected to your care team,” according to Kristopher Schamber, MD.

It is also possible to review summaries of recent visits, surgeries, and procedures. The awareness and understanding of the information the portal provides can help you track your health conditions, manage your goals, and communicate directly with your provider. “Patient portal messaging is a great way to communicate with us, no waiting on the phone, direct communication, and no phone tag,” shares Hannah Hall, MD. It also allows for more effective human connections so that when you and your provider are face-to-face, you are on the same page and can move your care forward together.

Convenient and Confidential
The patient portal is not only convenient but also confidential, secure, and easily accessed 24 hours a day via an app on your cell phone (HealtheLife on the Apple App/Google Play Stores) or through a computer by accessing the MySheridanHealth.org website. We invite you to participate in the patient portal at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and work with us to optimize your knowledge and management of your healthcare. Welcome to the digital experience.

Learn more or get signed up on the patient portal at MySheridanHealth.org. Our SMH Records is here to help! Please reach out with questions at 307.672.1070 today!