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Kindness First

Basic human kindness is essential to healing, which is why we go to great lengths to instill and reinforce that understanding in our hospital staff from the moment they join our team. Our service standards implicitly state expectations for how service excellence, safety and kindness are to be reflected in the care delivered to patients to ensure excellent patient-centered care.

Patient Experience-A Human Understanding

Kelly Lieb, DMSc, PA-C, Director of Patient Experience

Definition of patient experience at Sheridan Memorial Hospital: The sum of all interactions shaped by an organization’s culture that influence patient perceptions across their care journey. A patient’s experience relates to their memory of what happened during their care.

Patient-centeredness is the ability of caregivers to step into the patient’s role to understand every aspect of their experience. The patient experience is the sum of all elements of care, including interpersonal communication surrounding patient-centeredness, cultivating trust in the patient and provider relationship, patients’ emotions related to their care, quality of care, wait times, and care environments.

There are strong ties between the patient experience and care outcomes. Utilizing survey data through NRC and HCAHPS, Sheridan Memorial Hospital teams can strategize our plan for transforming processes and practices within our departments, and as a system overall. We know positive relationships exist between patient experience, patient engagement, and shared-decision making, leading to improved health outcomes for the patient. When patients feel empowered, listened to, respected, and understood, they, in turn, positively influence their care and, ultimately, their outcome. Research also indicates that a positive patient experience improves disease prevention and management, improving health outcomes.

Patient experience work correlates to improved healthcare system sustainability, financial performance, and employee satisfaction while reducing malpractice risk and increasing patient loyalty. In revealing system gaps through the patient experience, we open our healthcare system to transformative opportunities to improve clinical and quality outcomes.

Research consistently shows that patients place value on effective communication, the responsiveness of their clinical care teams, and an overall sense of being treated with care and respect. When patients use the data presented to them—including patient experience data—they, as consumers, use the information to choose their providers and healthcare systems. These decisions influence the entire healthcare system. Placing value in patient experience creates a ripple effect leading to enhanced work environments for the provider and health care team, resulting in greater employee satisfaction while improving the patient experience. When teams must improve their work processes and procedures, they enable care teams to provide effective care and enjoy their work environments.

Although scripting and customer service are tools, we must demonstrate a human connection where we connect, honor, listen, and understand every aspect of the care path each patient experiences. Only then, will we improve quality, enhance outcomes, and empower patients to participate in their care.

Patient Advocate

The goal at Sheridan Memorial Hospital is to exceed the expectations of our patients, families and hospital guests. To measure our efforts and continuously identify areas for improvement, patients are routinely surveyed for feedback about their recent health care experience.

Jody Hecker, our full-time patient advocate, is dedicated to patient communication and providing the best overall experience for our patients. Her role includes personally visiting with patients and their families about their experience and advocating on their behalf to pass along positive feedback or resolve issues.

To contact the patient advocate, please call 307.672.1197

To submit feedback online, please fill out our Contact Us Form and leave your patient feedback by selecting Patient Feedback (compliment or concern.)

Your Patient Experience Advocates

Director of Patient Experience

Jody Hecker

Jody Hecker

Patient Advocate

Ashley Phipps, Patient Experience Specialist

Ashley Phipps

Patient Experience Specialist

Jenny Teel

Jenny Teel

Patient Access Manager