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WOW Employee of the Month – Megan Ripley


While the hot, summer month of August melts away and we rush on with the hope of cooler days, Sheridan Memorial Hospital would like to slow down for a moment to celebrate August’s WOW Employee of the Month: Megan Ripley. Megan is an employee who has not only pursued wellness as a hobby but has adopted it as her way of life and navigating through obstacles every day. From consistently maintaining healthy blood sugar levels to the everyday challenges of being an Oncology Registered Nurse, she strives to maintain her health, and she does it all with a beaming smile on her face.

Megan Ripley’s journey towards wellness started at the early age of 9 when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. At the discovery of her condition, she feared how diabetes might affect the rest of her life. Megan grew up just outside of Cheyenne during her early childhood, and because of this, she was able to attend the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Denver. Megan explained, “I always knew that I wanted to become a nurse. Many nurses that cared for me came forward to share with me that they, too, lived with diabetes, showed me how they navigated throughout their day as a nurse with diabetes. The team showed me that I could still be the person I dreamed of becoming, and I really can’t thank them enough for all the help they have given me throughout the years.”

Megan often wondered about what restrictions she would have to implement into her daily routine, or what opportunities she might miss. Still, this girl was committed to finding a solution. She knew what a great influence exercise and diet would have on her physical and mental state, so she never gave up looking for results. Eventually, she found the answer to the exercise dilemma when she realized just how much she liked doing long distance, moderately paced cardio. Walking, hiking, and biking are great activities for our WOW Employee of the Month because they are often enjoyed with others. Megan enjoys biking to work with her coworkers, walking her dog, backpacking with her husband, and riding her spin bike if the weather doesn’t permit outside activities. 

As for what Megan eats, she doesn’t believe in sticking to a strict diet. Megan does her best to eat as many whole foods as possible. She enjoys eating fresh fruits; her favorites include honeydew melon, berries, and frozen mango chunks for a sweet treat. She also likes to eat fresh vegetables and always fills half of her plate with greens. She also likes to keep small healthy packs of trail mix on hand for snacking. Megan always feels her best when she is eating healthy and thinks that this is the best reward. 

Megan’s advice to all those who desire to get well is this: “Start small and set goals that are attainable, all of us progress at our own rate and your rate is completely unique to you, so don’t compare yourself to anybody but yourself. If you want a jelly donut, then eat a donut, and go for a walk later, it is all about balance. Do not underestimate the power of thinking positively; mental health is just as important as physical health. Being happy and positive thinking can take you just as far as any workout routine.” Now more than ever, Megan’s advice reigns true in focusing on health and wellness in all aspects of our lives.