A campaign match to honor a perfect match


T.R.’s $100,000 Challenge to support Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Growing for You Campaign and Behavioral Health Project

T.R. and Emily (Stone) Shelby married in 1971 and were known for their generosity, love of family and life, and enjoying each day. They especially appreciated classical music, the arts and travel. Emily was a pharmacist at the V.A. Hospital in Sheridan for more than 20 years, with an undeniable tie to healthcare and ultimately a passion to help others. T. R., a railroad engineer, is known to think creatively and look for unique opportunities to develop the community around him and help people live their best lives. They were a dynamic team that spent much of their lives in Sheridan, Wyoming, with a bit of movement after retirement. After time spent in the Jackson Hole area, T.R. returned to live in our community in 2022 and reached out to the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation about a special memorial gift for his wife, Emily, who passed away in November 2020.

Emily treasured her time with the people she loved, especially her wonderful family and friends. These shared times and the memories made will stay with her loved ones, and T.R.’s generosity will continue her legacy here in Sheridan County. From his generous contributions to the beautiful Chinese wood carving collection of Ling Tung now on display for all to enjoy, T.R. continues a legacy of giving and support for our mission in providing excellent patient-centered care, right here at home.

T.R. Shelby continues his strong tradition of giving through a matching gift opportunity which will support Behavioral Health and our hospital’s Growing for You Campaign. This $100,000 challenge gift not only supports Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s investment in Behavioral Health, but the subsequent repurposing of space to better serve our patients in numerous departments throughout the hospital. “From our obvious ties to Pharmacy, to the children needing care in pediatrics, I know Emily would be proud to not only support these crucial efforts, but hopefully inspire others to get involved as well.”

“Working with T.R. on hospital efforts is a gift,” shares Ada Kirven – Director of Donor Relations for the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation. “He thinks creatively and is giving of so much of his time and talents to better our entire community. This matching gift idea for vital healthcare improvements is just another example of his ability to help others. We are excited to announce the gift and opportunity.”

T.R. is committed to supporting our local hospital and he realizes the importance and value of having excellent healthcare close to home. He challenges you to do the same. “To help those we love, when they need it most, is what rural healthcare is all about. It is about our neighbors, friends, family. It is about those that came before us and those that will come after us. It is about making a difference and ensuring everyone has excellent healthcare for years to come.”

To take on T.R.’s challenge and make your contribution go twice as far, visit https://www.sheridanhospital.org/foundation/make-a-donation/ in support of The Campaign for Behavioral Health and Sheridan Memorial Hospital Growing for You.