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From SMH Employees to Dedicated Volunteers


Many of our volunteers were very involved and well known as staff members before becoming SMH volunteers. They then want to stay active and involved with coworkers who have essentially become a staple or part of their lives. People become a family at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and that is hard to let go of.  

“The hospital is in my blood. I just can’t leave. I didn’t want to work forever but now I can hang out and see people I know. Every time I’m working I see someone I know or used to work with,” said Jill Mitchell, a former Med Tech and current Auxiliary Board volunteer.

“I love the hospital and still wanted to be a part of it. It was hard to think about not seeing people,” said Karen Steir, who served as a nurse at SMH for 44 years. She retired on a Sunday and started volunteering on a Monday.

“I guess my philosophy is that a medical community is always a tremendously important entity in any community. I was always proud to serve in that capacity and the people at the hospital. I am proud of the work we’re doing,” said Tom Nance, who worked in Radiology for 40 years before becoming a volunteer.

The hospital has many different jobs for volunteers to fill their time and can make adjustments for their schedules. As volunteers, former employees are able to play an integral part in events that are near and dear to their hearts.

“I enjoy all the opportunities available like helping with the Kozy Korner, Surgical Waiting Room, Decorating, and the 5 Year Old Birthday Party,” Said Steir.

Employees who become volunteers are able to see and appreciate all of the changes SMH has made overtime.

“With the overall expansion we’ve experienced as a hospital I’ve seen a lot of change. I started here when it was one singular building. I remember, the Cafeteria entrance, 100 yards North of that was just tree line and pasture. Some brought lunch and would go out into the trees. Things have grown around us so quickly,” said Nance.

Volunteering is a great way for former employees to still be involved at a place they’ve grown to call home.

“If you want to have a volunteer job, the hospital is the best place to be. I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else. I love getting to deliver papers and then going on to the Gift Shop to get to see people. It’s hard to just give up the place that you’ve been for so long. There’s a lot of new faces but it’s nice to get to be involved even when things are changing,” said Mitchell.

Sheridan Memorial Hospital was thankful to have these amazing individuals as employees and we are very grateful to have them as volunteers now.

 “One thing I truly cherish about our volunteers is their desire to help others. They are one of our organization’s greatest ambassadors as some of them have been here longer than people who are retiring. Volunteers who were past employees tend to carry the rich tradition and history of our hospital with them in their daily interactions, while helping Sheridan Memorial Hospital thrive into the future. The stories they tell and the support they provide to me as their Coordinator is one of my favorite things about being here. I appreciate their dedication to SMH and reminds me every day to lead with pride and gratitude for the culture we have. I want to become just like them when I grow up, wanting to give my time and talents to a place that was a catalyst of my career and is considered my second home,” said Volunteer Coordinator, Jasmine Slater.