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Random Acts of Kindness


February 15, 2019

At Sheridan Memorial Hospital, it is part of our vision for this organization to maintain a Culture of Kindness. From interactions with patients we aid or the community members, we interact with while having lunch; it’s the little things that make a huge impact. February 17th was Random Acts of Kindness Day and we hope you made a conscious effort to participate and acknowledge the small acts of kindness you experience every day.

As the temperatures dropped and the snow piled up, many of us would walk out after an appointment or long day and see the snow all over our cars. While our Maintenance, Facilities and Grounds team does an incredible job of taking care of our lots and sidewalks all year round, it truly is winter when their acts of kindness go above and beyond the call of duty. Daily, our teams were found in freezing temperatures jump starting cars, digging out vehicles that got wedged in just right or helping to push them out of the unforeseen drifts! Along with many other, it isn’t in their job description, but they take such good care of this facility many of us visit every single day.

From the nurses that escort patients and their families outside upon discharge to the friendly patient access staff that will help you grab the door when your hands are just too full, we are surrounded by random acts of kindness every day.

 How you can practice random acts of kindness: 

  • Let someone go in front of you in line
  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Participate in a fundraiser or make a donation
  • Hold open the door for a stranger
  • Pay for food or coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Shovel a neighbor’s driveway when it snows