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October WOW Employee of the Month


October 2019

Approximately 3 ½ years ago, Brady was given the challenge to participate in the “Run to the Pub.” Thinking that it was probably a time to make some changes in her life, she committed to doing the run with her mom and some friends.  “I mean…how bad could it be when you are running to the bar to go have a few beers with friends.”  This was the first time she had done any kind of running and she “nearly died.  In reality, even though it was hard, she ended up really liking it because of the way it made her feel.  She thought to herself that if she could run when she was so out of shape, she was going to give it her all and make it happen.

She and her best friend combined efforts and continually support one another in making significant changes in their lifestyles.  “It’s so much fun to have someone to run with and share thoughts and ideas about exercise and diet.”  Now 50 pounds lighter and several races behind her, she is more determined than ever to continue down the Wellness Path.

The result of making all these changes in her life has been great for her family.  Their priorities have changed and it’s brought about some major changes for all of them.  They spend more time together as a family doing outdoor activities like hiking and fishing and her boys even participate in some of the 5K races that she does.  Eating healthier, adding in more fruits and veggies instead of eating just meat and potatoes, has been a significant change for all of them.  Brady has worked hard on creating a more balanced diet for her and her family. She focuses on portion control and doing things in moderation. “When you are working full time, it’s harder not to order out, but you have to stay committed to leading that balanced lifestyle and know that it’s better for you and your family.” 

Another significant change that her running has brought about is a sense of calmness and peacefulness to her life.   The energy that she spent on being anxious, she now puts into her running.  She recognizes that when she doesn’t exercise it affects her mood and the way she feels physically and mentally.  Because of her profession, Brady realizes that what you do now will affect you significantly later in life.  She has seen too many patients with COPD, obesity, joint pain, difficulty moving, and living life in a wheelchair.  Brady wants everyone to know that it is never too late to start focusing on living a healthier lifestyle and the positive outcomes it can bring to you and your family.

Brady uses her Fitbit and the Runtastic App on her phone to track how far she runs and walks in a week. “They help to keep me on track.” She and her friends like to challenge one another and the competition is fun.  More important than devices, though, is running with her friends.  “We keep each other accountable and have a little mom-time together.”  

Recently, her husband filled a pack with 50 pounds and put it on her.  He wanted her to see what an impact the positive lifestyle changes have made in her life. “It helped me to remind myself that your health is so important and there is no value that you can place on it.”