It’s Here! The Foundation’s 2021 Gratitude Report


How do you measure a year? Perhaps you are one of the 237 new donors we welcomed to The Foundation in a matter of 365 days. You might be behind one of the 6,292 total gifts received throughout the 12 months, to support excellent patient centered care for your neighbors, friends, and family. You may also be part of with the $4.4 million (and counting) in generous contributions to Transform Transitional Care for your community hospital. Last year could be measured in countless ways but, at The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation, we measure the year in infinite gratitude.

The past year has been a remarkable one for all of us to reflect on. Be it personal or professional; we have faced our own set of challenges that could not have been anticipated 2 years ago. But together, we are now able to identify silver linings, learn from the past, and move forward with gratitude for all that we have been given in time, love, health, and hope for the future. 

The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation and Hospital team members had a year we will never forget. The work of our board, donors, and volunteers allows support for exceptional staff, departments, and services at your community hospital. Our donors continue to support opportunities, innovation, and patient-care experiences with their generosity. The nature of these services shifts and changes day-to-day for our teams, but we appreciate the opportunity each day to come to work and support the people who choose SMH for their healthcare needs. Our supporters’ tireless efforts are what made it possible for our teams to take care of each – bump, scrape, scan, screening, teleconsultation, birth plan, heart palpitation, allergy shot, common cold, broken bone, and emergency call – on top of all involved in caring for our COVID patients.

An organization’s annual report is meant to share with each of you the contributions received throughout the last fiscal year and how those funds have been put to work. The Foundation’s Gratitude Report is a mere snapshot into the previous 12 months and all of the lives our donors positively change because of their kind and caring actions. 

Our Foundation Staff recognizes that in no way could we incorporate all stories to completely capture the outpouring of support, kindness, and generosity we are surrounded by. We take this opportunity to share some of the life-changing efforts, the remarkable tales, and the infinite gratitude we feel for you, our donors, who’ve filled our hearts and hallways over the last 365 days and now into the New Year. Thank you for being a part of our story. 

We invite you to share in our full 2021 Gratitude Report by experiencing it here.