Transitional Care & Meeting the Healthcare Needs of Our Community


By Cody Sinclair, Chief Development Officer of Sheridan Memorial Hospital

Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) strives to meet community and regional demand for patient care. Over the past year we have become even more aware of the importance of growing and adapting in ways that add value for our patients and appropriately meet the needs of the Sheridan community and region. Providing care close to home ensures people are able to stay near their family and friends when health issues arise.

One area where care close to home is especially important is Transitional Care. Having a comfortable, private environment to heal and regain strength and confidence for a safe return home following a serious illness, injury, or surgery is critical. SMH is fortunate to have an outstanding Transitional Care team of providers, therapists, nurses, and case managers who work with patients to help them recuperate and rehabilitate. The goal is to help each individual regain their strength, confidence and independence for a safe return home and to their lives.

SMH’s Transitional Care service began in 2006. Since then, our patient’s need has continually grown. In 2017, the hospital cared for an average of four patients per day. Today, the hospital averages eight Transitional Care patients per day; however, the need already surpasses the hospital’s current bed capacity to provide or expand with the growing senior population. According to data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), SMH currently serves approximately 17% of all Transitional Care needs for our community, while over 18% of Transitional Care needs are being met outside our community. This means patients and their families may have to leave Sheridan and travel long distances for care. This presents a hardship for families to visit and support their loved one throughout their recovery process. Based on data from two separate third-party vendors, the hospital anticipates a continued increase in patients due to growth in our community, especially in the over 65 and retirement age population. Because the majority of patients (85%) are in this growing demographic, SMH has made plans for an average of 18 to 19 patients per day by 2024 based on this data.

Fortunately, through the support of The Foundation and generous contributions from our community, SMH will expand Transitional Care to fully meet the need for care close to home. The expansion, which includes repurposing space on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the original 1954 hospital, will increase the hospital’s Transitional Care rooms from 8 semi-private rooms to 20 comfortable, private rooms. Thanks to our community’s generosity over the past eight months, The Foundation is nearing its fundraising finish line with a completion goal of June 2021. With our community’s generosity and support, SMH plans to begin construction in July 2021 and open its new Transitional Care Expansion in the summer of 2022.

To learn more about the Transitional Care Expansion, please visit sheridanhospital.org or call our Foundation Office at 307.673.2418.