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Larry’s Story


By Larry Certain   February 20, 2021, posted here with his permission.

I feel fortunate to live in Sheridan County, and I am sure I’m not alone. Many of the nicest people live in our county, and a large number of them are employed by Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

We can, I feel, be thankful for the fine hospital and exceptional personnel staff working there. Having never required them in an emergency; I can now tell you they are the best. Having just experienced my first and only (I hope), heart attack, I observed real professionalism at work.

From the minute my wife and I walked up to the emergency window, things happened like clockwork. That was at about 6 a.m., a week ago last Saturday and by Monday morning, I was wheeled out with stents in the ol’ ticker, and a new lease on life.

I can never express the feelings I have for the doctors, nurses and staff members of our fine hospital. But it would start with exceptional. Doctors Selde, Schamber were first on the scene. Then doctors Brennan and Garcia followed. And Dr. Garcia and his fine staff were unbelievable. They were so fast, efficient and so empathic. It was unbelievable. Their knowledge and professionalism, in my opinion, is beyond reproach. Thank you, from the bottom of my indentured heart.

And the nursing staff of the ICU was the best ever, also., and put up with a curmudgeon with no desire to be there, who was always tangled up in tubes. My heartfelt “thank you.” I love you too. And the other members of the support staff in the kitchen, blood draw and house keeping — thanks for making my stay more tolerable.

So any of you, readers, watch for the signs that you should stop shoveling snow and get to the hospital as quick as possible, so you won’t get a side trip like I did. Shortness of breath, like an elephant sitting on your chest, feeling like someone slugged you in the stomach and throwing up. You might not be as lucky as I was.

Larry Certain