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…And The Beat Goes On

…And The Beat Goes On | Hospital Foundation Exceeds Matching Gift Challenge from the William F. and Lorene W. Welch Foundation to Support Project Heartbeat – Cardiac Care Equipment   It is with great pleasure that The Sheridan Memorial Hospital...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Nursing Awards

2019 Nursing Awards

May 22, 2019 On May 6th a new Nurse of the Year and Friend of Nursing were named during National Nurses Week. Each year, Sheridan Memorial Hospital celebrates nurse’s week with several traditions. One of them is presenting two awards...

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Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance Service Open House

Plan to drop in at an OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday, July 24 from 5 to 6:30 pm to meet members of the Medical Air Rescue Company (MARC) team and see the new helicopter that is servicing the Sheridan area. Sheridan...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Cath Lab

Auxiliary Donation Impacts Cath Lab

Since the Auxiliary’s gift, almost two months ago, The Foundation has received various words of thanks from all departments who received a portion of this generous donation. With a mission “to provide comfort to and better the welfare of Sheridan...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Donations

Auxiliary Donation Impacts Radiology

February 20, 2019 On Friday, February 1, 2019, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Auxiliary presented donations totaling $23,500 at its annual meeting and luncheon. With this gift, the Auxiliary has given nearly $637,000 to Sheridan Memorial Hospital since 1991.With a mission “to...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Mark Ferries

Back in the Saddle

January 23, 2019 Many people in this community know the name, Mark Ferries and recall him as a fourth generation undertaker with the former Ferries Funeral Home. However, there are fewer who realize he is a competitive team roper. Mark...

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Barb Sare: A Year of Milestones

We can’t celebrate National Volunteer Month without honoring the amazing woman who has volunteered at SMH for 30 years, Barb Sare. We visited with Barb to discuss her inspiring volunteer experience. After retiring in 1990, Barb’s volunteer experience began in...

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Become a Hospice Volunteer & Make a Difference

As we celebrate all of our volunteers, we would like to recognize a group that serves a very important purpose at SMH, our hospice volunteers. Hospice volunteers are a pivotal part of our hospital team and our organization’s ability to...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital board changes

Board of Trustees Prepare for Change

Pictured above, Ron Mischke (Left), Joe Wright (Right) July 17, 2019 As one chapter may be coming to a close, Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees will prepare to open another. SMH prepares to bid farewell to long-standing board member,...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Kristi Ramsey

Body Mass Index

By Kristi Ramsey, RN, BSN, RCIS, CVRN - Sheridan Memorial Hospital Cath Lab Manager October 2019 Today in the United States, approximately 5.7 million adults have a condition known as Heart Failure, with an additional 500,000 adults being newly diagnosed...

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Can you get the flu shot too early? Perhaps…

By Sierra Gross Stallman, MD – Medical Director for Sheridan Memorial Hospital's Internal Medicine practice With our sunny 90 degree days and all the attention currently on COVID-19, it seems impossible to fathom flu season is coming near.  Uncertainty about...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Nina Beach

Cancer Screening & Preventative Care

by Nina Beach, Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner at Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Welch Cancer Center September 2019 Cancer screening and preventive care is an important aspect for overall health. Screenings look for cancer before a person has symptoms. Many cancers,...

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Cardiac Rehab – Healthy Habits for Life

By Cassie Mullins, RN Cardiopulmonary Rehab Supervisor at Sheridan Memorial Hospital In Sheridan, we are lucky to have many services to support heart health, from the cardiology team at the Heart Center, to our Cardiac Catheterization Lab and state of...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Christmas Card Contest

Christmas Card Art Contest

November 2019 Sheridan Memorial Hospital is once again seeking a design for their 2019 Christmas Card. The hospital is accepting entries from 3rd - 5th Grade students in Sheridan County, Wyoming. Artwork provided by students will be judged by a...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Christmas Card Winners 2019

Christmas Card Art Contest Winners

2019 Christmas Card Art Contest Winners:  Izzy Dennee (left) and Faith Hetzer (right)December 2019 Congratulations to 5th graders Faith Hetzer from Meadowlark Elementary and Izzy Dennee from Sagebrush Elementary. They’re the winners of the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Christmas Card contest and...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Trees of Love

Christmas Trees of Love Open House

November 2019 Join us on Sunday, December 8th for the Christmas Trees of Love open house from 4:30 to 5:00 PM! The annual “Christmas Trees of Love” project allows community members to honor or memorialize loved ones through the purchase...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Chuck Burgess

Chuck Burgess – August Employee of the Month

August 2019 Basketball and running played a major role in Chuck Burgess’ life at Tongue River High School and at the University of Wyoming. He never considered it “working out” because he loved the game.  The motivation was easy and...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Cancer Care Awareness

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

March 20, 2019What is the most important thing you need to know about colon cancer?  It is mostly preventable, through screening.March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and while it may not be the most glamorous topic for your upcoming dinner...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Community Benefit Report

Community Benefit Report now Available

September 2019The FY2019 Community Benefit Report is now available. As the healthcare needs of the Sheridan community continue to grow and diversify, through continuous improvement, we strive to continually meet these needs and provide excellent patient-centered care every day. Our...

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Congestive Heart Failure Explained

By Joseph Garcia, MD – Cardiologist from Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Heart Center February is Heart Month and it is particularly fitting that Sheridan Memorial Hospital has accomplished Accreditation by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) for the treatment of congestive...

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Congratulations to our 2019 Nurse Residency Graduates

L-R - Nicole Opitz, RN; Brandie Neufer, RN;Lacy Slusser, RN; Angel Vielhauer, RN; Teara Leibee, RN and Megan Perkins, RN. Six new registered nurses successfully completed the hospital's six-month Nurse Residency Program. Their graduation ceremony was held last week.  This...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation

Dining for a Cause

Today the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation and Hospital staff, along with members of The Link ~ Partners in Pink Committee met up with the Wyoming Community Foundation, Frackelton’s and Kim Love to receive the proceeds from Monday’s Dining for a...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Doctor's Day

Doctor’s Day 2019: Why We Celebrate

March 20, 2019 March 30th is Doctor’s Day and is a time to thank our doctors for their passion, dedication, and commitment towards providing excellent healthcare to our community. Here at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, we take this opportunity to acknowledge...

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Employee Celebrations October 2019

Thanks for all you do! October 2019 This month, Sheridan Memorial Hospital has spent time celebrating with some of the wonderful teams that exhibit excellence in their work every day. Join us in thanking them for their hard work and dedication,...

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Foundation Assistance and Updates on COVID-19

These photographs of our SMH Team Members were taken prior to the required use of social distancing and masks. This is an unprecedented time for our community. A time for us to be level-headed, open-hearted, and focused on what we...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Free Financial Services

Free Financial Services Available at Your Hospital

August 2019 Medical bills don’t have to be scary. At Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH), our Patient Financial Advocates are available to help patients plan for current or upcoming medical expenses and gain access to financial assistance for various expenditures from...

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From SMH Employees to Dedicated Volunteers

Many of our volunteers were very involved and well known as staff members before becoming SMH volunteers. They then want to stay active and involved with coworkers who have essentially become a staple or part of their lives. People become...

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Billings, MT.—April 22, 2020—Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming (GSMW) donated Girl Scout Cookies to Sheridan Memorial Hospital on April 23rd in an effort to provide a bright spot in the lives of healthcare workers during this pandemic. Location: Sheridan...

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Healthcare by Video

by Melanie Aksamit, Process Improvement Coordinator, and Kristopher Schamber, MD – both of Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Internal Medicine Practice. Tele-health.  Tele-medicine.  Zoom.  These are terms that have been thrown around frequently in the last few months.  Chances are you have...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Jennifer Graslie

Heart Failure

January 23, 2019By Jennifer Graslie, a Physician Assistant with Sheridan Memorial Hospital Big Horn Heart CenterHeart failure is a prevalent disease affecting 3.7 million Americans. It is more prevalent than all forms of cancer combined.  Heart failure occurs when fluid...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital heart failure education

Heart Failure Education and Free Screenings

May 23, 2019 In an effort to educate the community about the risks associated with heart failure, Sheridan Memorial Hospital will hold a series of education sessions and free screenings for the public. This education includes risk factors that lead...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital Help with Parkinson's

Help For Those With Parkinson’s Disease

February 19, 2019 By Darrin Goyn, Physical Therapist at Sheridan Memorial Hospital's Wyoming Rehab. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disease. The disease is due to a loss of dopamine, which is a chemical messenger responsible for transmitting signals within...

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High Sugar Diet & Memory Decline

By Megan Sexton, RND Which came first: the junk food or the memory decline?  This question is being investigated currently by researchers and has revealed a strong correlation between a diet high in sugar and saturated fat with decreased memory...

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Sheridan Memorial Hospital

Home Care / Hospice Month

By Ann Aksamit, BSN, RN, CHPN - Sheridan Memorial Hospital Home Care & Hospice Manager November 2019 November is National Home Care and Hospice Month. One of the most important things a Hospice can do is educate the community about...

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Hospice to Hold New Volunteer Training

Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Seeks New Volunteers – Training to Be Held in Late OctoberSeptember 2019 Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Hospice will have a Volunteer Training in October. Potential volunteers and interested persons may attend the training before deciding to become a...

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