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ADDING Positive Changes for 2022

By Jordan McCoy MS, RDN, LDRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist at Internal MedicineandWhitney Weborg PT, DPTPhysical Therapist at Wyoming Rehab We often look at the New Year as an opportunity to make changes within our lives in some way, shape, or form. ...

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Exercise and Type II Diabetes

By Whitney Weborg, PT, DPT A patient tells us …  “I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes (or prediabetes) and my doctor told me to exercise. What now?” Being told you have Type II Diabetes can be daunting. We are...

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Matt’s Story

The challenges that come with a debilitating injury are more than physical.  The mental challenges of not being able to do things that came easy prior to the injury can be beyond frustrating. And the baby steps it sometimes takes...

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October is National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month.  Did you know that Wyoming Rehab provides FREE Screens and Treatment Recommendation on Non-Emergent Physical Impairments/Injuries?  The therapists at Wyoming Rehab want to provide you with some tips for living a healthier life. Physical...

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Preventing Archers Shoulder

By Mike Duncan, Physical Therapy Assistant III at Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Wyoming Rehab The fall season is rapidly approaching and for many Wyoming residents, that means hunting season.  Hunting with archery equipment or bow hunting thrills many Wyoming hunters. Archery...

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Stay On Your Feet This Fall

By Charlotte Walter, PT, DPT, ATC – Physical Therapist at Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Wyoming Rehab Falls Prevention Awareness Day is coming on September 22,  and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind folks why falls prevention is so important....

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