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Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s Outpatient Center (formerly called the Medical Arts Complex) is in its final phases of completion. We look forward to unveiling this new facility to our patients and community members. 
Please join us February 26 for an open house from 5 – 6:30 PM. This event is free to the public.

The name “Outpatient Center” was selected because it more accurately represents the services offered in this building. Outpatient services also makes up 60% of the services the hospital provides as an organization. 

Services and clinics will begin moving right after the Open House and we anticpate that they will be operational in the new center the first week of March 2019. 

new mri equipment Upgrade

We are currently upgrading our MRI suite and equipment.  This renovation will dramatically improve the patient experience in terms of comfort, speed and sound. Advanced MRI systems have a wider platform (bore), designed to accommodate larger patients. Its design also enables the patient’s head to remain outside of the unit, which helps prevent or alleviate claustrophobia.

These new features will enable us to serve an additional segment of patients—those who previously traveled outside the community for an MRI because of their physical size or claustrophobia. Since the new equipment is much less confining, it may prevent some adult and pediatric patients from having to be sedated for claustrophobic reasons.

The current MRI equipment was purchased in 2005. Our radiology department performs 2,500 MRI procedures each year on an inpatient, outpatient, and emergency basis. With the new design features and advancements in technology, this equipment needs to be replaced.