Hospital’s ICU Project Receives Funding

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation

On Wednesday, January 13, 2016, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation presented the Hospital’s Board of Trustees and CEO Mike McCafferty with contributions toward the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expansion project of $1.5 million.

According to Ada Kirven, SMH Foundation Executive Director, “We are proud to present this significant gift to Sheridan Memorial Hospital today. The Foundation has actively collected donations for the ICU Project for some time. It all started with our staff members and their desire to support the concept in 2007 with their Employee Partner gifts. Today marks the first distribution toward a goal of raising $4.5 million toward an extremely important addition to Sheridan’s healthcare. Once completed it will allow our excellent and highly trained physicians and clinical staff to take care of and treat the sickest and most vulnerable patients.”

Sheridan Memorial Hospital leadership has had the expansion of its existing Intensive Care Unit, built in 1979, on a proposed remodel schedule for some time, according to Rob Forister, Hospital Facilities Director. “Our staff and physicians contributed to the plans as well as input from our patients and families, all of these efforts combined helped us design a new unit which we believe will serve Sheridan healthcare needs for years to come.”

Construction is about a month ahead of schedule and completion is expected in the fall of 2016. Plans include eleven private patient rooms each its own bathroom and space for staff to provide the best care possible and family to be nearby. High tech equipment and diagnostic tools will also be supported with the addition of smart room technology and bedside patient monitoring, all of which enhances the patient’s electronic medical record.

Kirven added “It all comes back to the patient and providing the best care possible. I believe most individuals, when given the option to receive excellent care close to home with family for support would want that. Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s new Intensive Care Unit will make this option a reality for many more patients and their families, and lessen the difficult burden of critical care. Sheridan is an amazing, supportive community. All of us at the hospital certainly appreciate this every day.”

For more information about Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Intensive Care Unit Project, please call 673-2418. ###