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It was pure chance that Denise Townsend's breast cancer was discovered early. She didn’t have any symptoms, her lump was not detectable through a physical exam and she had not been getting annual mammograms.
Cathy Wilson, a nurse practitioner at the Sheridan Health Center, was treating Denise for giardiasis, an infection in the small intestine.
“As part of my check-up, Cathy asked me when I last had a mammogram,” says Denise. “I told her it had been twelve years.”
Denise’s mammogram detected a suspicious looking mass; but it took an ultrasound test and a breast biopsy to confirm she had a tumor.
"When they ask you to come in to the office to discuss the results of your mammogram, you know that it is not going to be good news," says Denise. “I was a bit in shock. All I could think was, oh no, it’s really cancer. Oh no, what am I going to do?"
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If anyone can compare cancer services in Sheridan, Wyoming years ago to what is available today, it is Geraldine and Larry Roberts. Geraldine had three occurrences of cancer in her right breast in a span of 15 years. The first diagnosis resulted in chemotherapy and radiation treatment, the second involved a mastectomy and this last time consisted of another round of chemotherapy and radiation.

When they talk about their journey, Larry and Geraldine agree, “We both had cancer.” Geraldine may have been the one diagnosed with breast cancer, but cancer definitely affected both of their lives. So, they tackled Geraldine’s cancer in the same manner they did in 35 years of marriage - as partners.

Geraldine’s job as the patient was to get better, while Larry filled the role of caretaker. Larry worked full time and took care of the housekeeping, cooking, laundry and yard. He helped manage Geraldine’s care by accompanying her to all of her clinic and treatment appointments and keeping a careful account of the treatment details, blood pressure, weight and medications.

“To accomplish the additional work load you have to set priorities, do only those things that are truly important,” Larry said. “The extra work is easy when you love the person you are caring for.”

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