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Community Volunteer Spotlight – Pat Wolfe

Volunteer, Bridge Enthusiast, Mother, Grandmother, SMH Retiree.  These are just a few words used to describe Pat Wolfe. 

Pat worked in the pathology department at Sheridan Memorial Hospital for 38 years.

“I worked for the best pathologists,” she said. “Dr. Doughty still likes to tell people we worked together for 30-some long, grueling years,” she added jokingly.
After retirement, Pat decided to volunteer at the hospital as a way to give back. 

“It was a terrific place when I needed chemo,” she said.  She also relishes meeting new people and catching up with old friends and co-workers. She is now in her sixth year of volunteering.

You can find Pat working in the Kozy Korner Gift Shop at the hospital.  But this isn’t the only place she gives her time and talents.  She also volunteers for Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) and she visits people in assisted living and nursing homes.
Pat grew up in Iowa.  She has fond memories of playing in the neighborhood with others.

“This seems so different today.  We played softball, hide and seek, read comic books, and caught fireflies on warm summer nights,” she recalls.  “If someone calls me Patsy, they must be from Iowa,” she said about the only nickname she was ever given.

Pat has one daughter, one son and three grandsons who all live in the Sheridan area, so she has the opportunity to be with family often.  She also keeps busy by reading, using her iPad, walking her dog and playing bridge, which she loves.

Pat has enormous respect for our military and has great appreciation of traditional values and gratitude.

“I would love for the world to return to the values we used to have and cherish them.  People died trying to preserve our way of life,” she said.  “We take so much for granted!  I hear people complain about what they don’t have instead of being thankful for what they do have,” she added.

Stop by the Kozy Korner and say hello to Pat!