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Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) works hard to provide competitive healthcare pricing for our community. There are many sources of information available for consumers that demonstrate pricing comparisons in Wyoming, the region and the nation.  The links below will take you to two sources of publicly reported data/pricing information that all hospitals must provide to regulatory agencies.

SMH Price Estimator Tool

Price transparency about the costs of health care is important to all of us. This pricing tool is designed to help provide an estimate of costs associated with your health care visit and/or procedure.


This link will take you to data collected by the Wyoming Hospital Association. Once you are at this site, you can select any county or city in Wyoming where a hospital is located to learn more about their pricing structure for specific procedures.

Consumers can visit the Wyoming Hospital Association’s Hospital Pricing tool to receive facility-specific information about charges.

The information displayed is based on charges only.  Consumers will need to contact their insurer to determine the specific amount they will be expected to pay under their policy for the selected service.

Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) collects data regarding the amount they spend per Medicare beneficiary in any given county across the entire country. This link will take you to a map that provides a county-by-county breakdown of the amount Medicare spends in Wyoming.
(Instructions: It will take a minute for this page to load the data from CMS. Once the page comes up, click on the state of Wyoming from the map, then near the upper right hand corner, you can choose Sheridan County in the drop down menu. At the bottom of the page, each green bar represents a different Wyoming county. Sheridan County is all the way to the right. Click on that green bar for more detailed information.)

Average Spent per Medicare Beneficiary (2018)*
United States            $10,096
Wyoming                   $  8,215
Sheridan County       $  6,647
*Source: CMS/Office of Enterprise Data & Analytics (OEDA), January 2020


  • Based on 2017 data, CMS has rated Sheridan County as having the lowest cost per beneficiary in Wyoming for Medicare beneficiaries. This data takes into account counties cost of services to beneficiaries and to Medicare, utilization of services such as imaging, lab and overall quality of service.
  • Sheridan County ranks in the top 1.5% of hospitals in the nation in terms of keeping costs low for Medicare beneficiaries. Sheridan County ranks 3,097th out of 3,144 counties in the entire country*