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The Foundation Sheridan Memorial Hospital Sheridan Wyoming Healthcare



SMH Educational Endowment
An Investment in Sheridan’s Healthcare System
Clinical Scholarships Improve Patient Care at Your Hospital

In 2001 the Foundation developed a program aimed at assisting Sheridan Memorial Hospital through an anticipated  nursing shortage.  In this time,  over thirty nursing students have received SMH Educational Endowment grant funding to help them achieve their Associate Nursing Degree.  It is inspirational to follow these individuals as they work towards the achievement of their nursing career goals. 

The Endowment continues to grow with nearly 100 individuals donating just over $418,000.  An in-depth review of the original 2001 guidelines was completed by the Foundation Board Members and SMH Chief Nursing Officer Charlotte Mather in 2013.   The program was deemed valuable and successful and will continue into the future with an increased focus on direct funding to SMH clinical staff needs.  Grants are made possible with funding from the Endowment’s investment income.  The Foundation is grateful to Sheridan Memorial Hospital’s nursing staff, Clinical Nurse Educators and the Sheridan College Nursing Department’s faculty for collaboration on this vital program.

Lena Yellowtail received a scholarship from the Foundation in 2004 and graduated from Sheridan College in 2006. “The mentoring and training I received from experienced nurses at SMH is priceless. Knowing that I had nurses that were the cream of the crop aiding me and reassuring me that what I was doing was right helped me gain confidence as a new graduate nurse.”

Lena Yellowtail, RN, Big Horn Surgical ~ Sheridan College Nursing Program Graduate

Alyssa Hendricks will graduate from Sheridan College in the spring of 2014. “Receiving this scholarship has taken away so much stress. Not just financially, but also knowing that I would receive excellent training at Sheridan Memorial Hospital and have a job to look forward to after graduation.”

Alyssa Hendricks, RN, SMH, Sheridan College Nursing Program Graduate

“I have learned and refined many nursing skills in the two years that I have worked at Sheridan Memorial Hospital since graduation. I was recently promoted to a Clinical Nurse Leader position, this surpasses the expectations of where I wanted to be in my career. Sheridan Memorial Hospital has provided a great learning and working environment.” Molly plans to complete her Bachelor's in nursing and looks forward to the challenges in her new clinical leadership role.

Molly Greenelsh, RN, SMH Clinical Nurse Leader, Sheridan College Nursing Program Graduate

“Nursing has always been and will continue to be an essential part of healthcare delivery. We are very fortunate and blessed to have Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation that supports the future of nursing, especially in our rural environment. Insuring our region has a cadre of highly qualified and competent nurses right here in Sheridan, Wyoming to continue to provide quality health care. It's exciting to be part of programs that support the growth and development of our own staff members, those that then are able to give back to our community in a real, tangible way.”

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Charlotte Mather, MBA, RN, FACHE
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Nurse Fellow (2008-2011)

The Foundation Sheridan Memorial Hospital Sheridan Wyoming Healthcare