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The Foundation Sheridan Memorial Hospital Sheridan Wyoming Healthcare
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The Foundation
P.O. Box 391
1401 West 5th Street
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 673-2418
The Foundation Sheridan Memorial Hospital Sheridan Wyoming Healthcare
  About Us  

2014-15 Foundation Directors & Staff

Andrea Mellinger
Dave Nicolarsen
Vice President
Jill Mitchell
Secretary, SMH Auxiliary Rep

Shirley Coulter

Mary Ludemann

Gary Miller

Director, SMH Trustee Rep




(No Photo Available)



Bradley Hanebrink, D.O.

Director, SMH Physician Rep

Kirby Taylor


Walter Gould, M.D.













Ada Kirven, CFRE

Executive Director

Meredith Sopko, Event Coordinator

Sandra Thayer, Communications/Data Coordinator

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation
PO Box 391
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 673-2418

Meet the Staff

Ada H. Kirven has been employed with the hospital and Foundation since October 1997 and currently serves as the Foundation's Executive Director.  Ada grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and attended Colorado State University and Sheridan College. She is a member of Rotary International, Sheridan/Johnson Wyoming Community Foundation Affiliate Advisory Board, the Association of Healthcare Professionals, and the Banner Women’s Club. Ada and her husband Brian live in Banner and have two grown daughters.


Emeritus Board of Directors
We thank these retired and honorary directors who have played a tremendous role in promoting the importance of a strong healthcare community and ensuring that our region has excellent facility, services, and programs available for those in need.

  • Kevin Bailey
  • Mary Gwen Brayton
  • Frank Boley
  • Bruce Burns
  • Gene Davis
  • Richard M. Davis, Jr.
  • Ky Dixon
  • William E. Doughty, M.D.
  • John Gable
  • Gary Gold
  • Pippa Hubbard
  • Bill Huppert
  • Debbie Iverson
  • Dorothy King
  • Scott Ludwig
  • Rose Marie Madia
  • Karen Miller
  • Everett Mohatt
  • Mark Murphy
  • Ed Neeriemer
  • D. Scott Nickerson, M.D.
  • John Patton
  • John Pradere
  • Tom Richards, M.D.
  • Annette Rinaldo
  • Rick Rossa
  • Dixie See
  • David Smith
  • Anthony Spiegleberg
  • Kathy Strahan
  • Seymour Thickman, M.D.
  • Delphine Toner
  • Jim R. Urbatchka
  • Shirley Yager

Those who paved the way and helped to develop a strong philanthropic culture at Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

  • Ruth F. Adam
  • Harold Newton
  • Don Tannehill
  • James Wolfe
  • Rachel B. Pelissier
  • Shirley Taylor
  • Evelyn Ebzery
  • Sue Gates
  • Ray Clark
  • Pat Cumings
  • Lorene Welch
  • Dorothy Gibbs
The Foundation Sheridan Memorial Hospital Sheridan Wyoming Healthcare